Get Your Alien

By buying an Alien Cat you join the MCV Universe, benefit from gamified utility and receive compounded benefits if you also hold OG Mars Cats.

    Meet Alien Cats!
    • Supply 12,000
    • Alien Cat Membership
    • Truly unique art with 200 hand-drawn traits
    • Exclusive and Gamified Utility
Q: What’s the supply of the Aliens Cats collection?

The Alien Cat collection has a supply of 12,000 unique NFTs, 10K of which will be airdropped (randomly) for FREE to holders of the OG collection, 2K will be made available for a Whitelist and Public Mint.

Q: What utilities do Aliens unlock?

Owning an Alien Cat NFT from the 12K collection means you become the exclusive owner of a piece in the newest expansion of the MCV ecosystem. Holders receive: 

  • Truly unique high quality piece of art from our Artist with 30+ years of experience
  • Compounded future benefits if you also hold NFTs in the OG collection
  • Future gamified utility
  • Holder role in Discord + access to exclusive closed chats only for holders
  • Additional special airdrops from the team or from talented artists we collaborate with (Mars Cats Specials, Mars Cats Collabs, etc.)
  • Access to the official Merch Store
  • Access to our website tools exclusive for holders (make PFPs, Banners and Greeting cards)
  • Exclusive access to 4K high resolution images
  • And much more is coming…
Q: Who’s behind the mask?

Holders will be able to remove the Alien’s mask to reveal the entity behind it. We will add different methods for you to do this on the website.

Q: How many traits do Aliens have?

In total, the collection is composed of over 200 hand-drawn traits. Each Alien Cat comes bearing Treasures for which there are 40+ Variations. Traits also include backgrounds, plasma types, alien subspecies, eyes, mouth, ears, clothing options and helmets.

Q: How can I get a rare Alien?

Rarity across the Alien Cat collection will be equally distributed across all 12K NFTs. This means the chances of receiving uncommon or extremely rare Aliens is the same for each airdrop of the Free distribution for holders, and each mint as part of the 2K supply sold separately.

Q: How many Aliens can each wallet mint?

For WL transactions - 2 Alien NFTs; for Public Mint - 5 NFTs.

Q: How can I get a free Alien Cat NFT?

All holders of the OG Mars Cats collection will get an Alien airdropped for free after the Whitelist and Public Mint - you can buy a Mars Cat via OpenSea
Important note: Rarity will be equally distributed across all 12K Alien Cat NFTs. All leftover supply of the 2K WL and Public Mint will be burned, including any rare Aliens that might remain.